Set to open its doors in the fall of 2017, "EL CAREYES Club & Residences" is coming back to its former glory thanks to the full makeover project by the world awarded architecture firm of Maurizio Rocha and the watchful eye of Circleminds which took the artistic direction of the property. 

We have redefined the complete experience of this new addition to Costa Careyes, developing the decorative concepts for the residences and common spaces and developing all the marketing tools to put the residences on the market.

We have also been put in charge of the branding and the complete experience the guests of tomorrow will experience walking into this property, spanning from the creation of the Restaurant style and personality to the services offered on site as well as off site.





After two and a half years of building from scratch this one-of-a-kind property, Mar Adentro opened its doors to the public in 2016. Under the helm of world class architect Miguel Angel Aragones and the collaboration with Circleminds, Mar Adentro Cabos sets new standards in the worldwide industry of Luxury hotels and the real estate offer of the zone, taking it into the 21st century.

Set like islets over water the hotel encompasses the very best the world has to offer and all has been thought of for every guest to live a completely novel experience and come back with memories and feelings they had never though would be imaginable.

Circleminds collaborated with Miguel Angel Aragones on all the private spaces and common areas in order to make sure the architectural vision was translated into the interior design and in synergy with guests and buyer habits as well as the complete marketing of this revolutionary property.

Mar Adentro is an ode to beauty as a whole and through the love, enthusiasm and passion of the creative minds behind it each and everyone who enters its doors, returns with a feeling of having lived a dream with open eyes.   





The Encanto hotel Acapulco reopened its doors in 2015 and since has become the #1 hotel in Tripadvisor in the region, surpassing the competition like Banyan Tree and other big players of the zone. It has received numerous awards for excellence and standard of service and is the perfect example of a "job well done" and to this day continues being part the 10 best hotels in Mexico by the Conde Nast traveller award.

This hotel was the foundation stone to Circleminds collaborating with the world renowned architect Miguel Angel Aragones to creat the Encanto Hotel Group implementing a completely new marketing and artistic direction strategy to a hotel which before was showing poor results in terms of market positioning.

Under the advise and care of Circle Minds a redesign of the private and public spaces was implemented, hotel facilities and a new chart of services put into place as well as the complete rebranding of the property. This input enabled to bring back Encanto Acapulco to the place it should have had since its first opening, as the reference of luxury hospitality in Mexico. 



The furniture is made up of the most iconic pieces of the best designers of the 20th century. You will also find Impressive ceilings of double height, spectacular indoor and outdoor spaces, windows from floor to ceiling, a large terrace, as well as its own private pool.


After a very successful process and intervention, HOTEL Encanto is positioned today at #1 on Tripadvisor with amazing customer reviews, it has the best occupancy rate for the destination and the effective outcome of its auto sustainability and income generation.