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It all started when…

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A space you will never want to leave.


At Circle Minds we developed the most complete space and venue in the best location. Bringing the of the Mexican shores where freshness and quality bring people together.  The attendants will enjoy outdoor 360 lounges where they can experience the restaurant, sundeck, two bars, pergola seating, water fountains, and pool.A place where you can find a unique space which evolves with your mood through the day to the night.




We created the complete architectural and interior design concept, branding and marketing of this new cosmopolitan space in Polanco that redefines the experience of socializing in the city. DIXON Bar & Restaurant has become in under a year the place to be and be seen, promoting the best design, food and music the city has to offer.


Circle Minds team developed an amazing architecture and design concept in the most attractive way: precise lighting for each space and moment, the perfect combination of lush fabrics, stone and brass accents contrasting with shades of jade and emerald green and geometrical sculptural walls.


We made it so that the kitchen at DIXON takes all its inspiration from the architecture and design to create an international menu, simple and full of excellence with the best ingredients, complementing with our service of delicate experience and agile attention filled with contemporary tradition.


Each corner and detail at DIXON is designed specially and custom made to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Everything in this space informs and suggests a new level of experience in socializing, filling a gap in the afternoon and nightlife scene in Mexico City.


You can experience this understated elegance in every detail.


Circle Minds agency was put in charge of reinventing the Comensal restaurant known as “one of the best in Polanco”.

It reopened its doors with a new concept where simplicity translates into the most sophisticated and relaxed space, where all senses come into play.

At Circle Minds we reworked the whole space, decorative concept and complete experience in Comensal in order to fulfill its clients needs and surpass expectations.


We gave the restaurant a face lift which makes it the best terrace of Polanco where you can relax for hours eating delicious food from their renovated menu, while listening to a perfect soundtrack.

Inside, sparks of humor make a perfect contrast with the sober elegance of the interior design we created, shades of white lighten the space and touches of nature complement the scene.

   Live the space, taste the food, enjoy the moment.


We have created a unique design and concept for Lateral27, a restaurant that is a new addition to the culinary scene of Mexico City and that has opened its doors in the heart of Polanco on Galileo 27. We conceived a concept that makes emphasis on the contrast of geometric elegance and natural materials, making it a very contemporary, intimate and relaxed space.


Of course our job is to ensure every detail is taken care of, from the concept, service, plate design, uniforms, branding and full experience. This restaurant is no exception and we have delivered a complete and unique identity to Lateral27.